Toulouse Troubles – 10 – Eureka Moment Pt 2

As I mentioned I the previous post, I want to provide some game based information specifically about my tactic that I created as a result of trying out test save in FM17 with West Ham.

I introduced the tactic to the squad in the back-end of the season when we were sitting in 4th place but with some very inconsistent performances which I wanted to sort out and become much more consistent.

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Toulouse Troubles – 09 – Eureka Moment!

Magic 105.4 is gently playing in the background, playing songs straight out of the Sunday stress-busters playlist and I find myself staring at a 2D match engine, like many others I’m sure on a Sunday afternoon. I’m patiently waiting for my Toulouse team to beat the opposition team 3-0 and go onto win every competition and I find myself getting really bored.

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The Toulouse Tales Episode 08: Season End Update

Hello fellow FM’ers and thank you once again for joining me for what is going to be the my final Toulouse post as I close down the save at the end of what is my 3rd season in charge.

Looking back over the save one could conclude that is has been relatively successful. I managed to turn Toulouse from a weak team that has historically been battling with other teams to stay in the division to a team becoming much more competitive and pushing for A Europa League spot twice in this three years. The Europa league was a good experience for the club and also myself. We found it very competitive but not as strong as thought it was going to be compared to some of the teams in Ligue 1 like PSG, Lyon, Monaco and Marseille.

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The Toulouse Tales Episode 07: Mid-Season Update

FM17 Is just around the corner and there has been some controversy this year with the sheer lack of released features from SI. To be honest, I don’t really mind too much by the lack of features because every year I buy the new FM and every year I enjoy it more than the previous version.

It does take me a while to understand the match engine and FM16 was no different, I found FM16 the hardest to date but I have still enjoyed the game.

Before I move onto my save update, all I am going to say “In Sports Interactive I trust!”

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The Toulouse Tales 06 – End of Season 15/16 Update

Hello and welcome back to my second update of my Toulouse series (Second attempt).

Before I dive head first into the End of Season 15/16 update I want to start by saying how much I have enjoyed this¬†save so far. Not just because of the short-term success that I have experienced, which I’ll come onto shortly, but by making a complete pig’s ear of the first attempt and then having a go at fixing it in the second attempt.

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